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RVoteNet Grand Opening Launch

is now set for the first week of August with the new coding now in place. The first 1 million RBallots sold by RVoteNet will be discounted to a purchase price of $1.50 from the standard $1.75. These discounted RBallot may be used in a election to thereby further reduce election operation costs. Alternatively, those who purchase these discounted RBallot may actually profit in the way a wholesaler would. After you have purchased (Internally Serial Numbered) RBallots through the website, RVote will act as “retailer”, or “agent of sale”, on your behalf in sale of your RBallots from the RBallot Queue. If planning to resell your RBallot, rather than use them in an election, the length of time your RBallots will remain in the RBallot Queue before they are sold will be determined by how fast Election Hosts buy the RBallots for use in their elections. You will be paid immediately (within five business days) following sale of your RBallots. The funds will be transferred back to your control through the same account you bought your RBallots through by crediting that account with $1.75 for each RBallot you purchased at a cost of $1.50. The Host login link at the top right of the RVote.Net home page opens the PayPal/credit card RBallots Purchase Page.
Read and watch to learn how to create your own election using our breakthrough technology!
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